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Let me help you - Jack Dawson

Jack Dawson has been practicing as a criminal defense lawyer for over twenty years. Since becoming a full partner with Waterman, Dawson & Redford, Attorney Dawson has successfully handled hundreds of criminal cases and has tried numerous jury trials. He has defended persons charged with murder, manslaughter, robbery, burglary, arson, sex offenses, narcotic offenses, theft offenses, assault, battery, DUI and various other felony and misdemeanor cases. He has achieved outstanding results for his clients including reductions, dismissals and acquittals in murder cases. He has overturned several convictions in appeal.

Trial lawyer Jack Dawson vigorously fights for anyone accused of a crime. Attorney Dawson prepares his cases using the most advanced electronic and technological research systems available. He also works with a highly qualified team of experts, investigators and researchers.

Attorney Jack Dawson, a criminal law expert, one of a handful of California attorneys who have been awarded two separate certified specialties by the California State Bar, Board of Legal Specialization as a criminal law specialist.

Specializing in Criminal Defense including:

* White Collar Crimes
* Violent Crimes
* Murder
* Homicide
* Manslaughter
* Assault
* Battery
* Child Abuse
* Stalking
* Sex Crimes
* Rape
* Child Molestation
* Theft
* Robbery
* Burglary
* Drug Crimes
* Narcotics Sales/Possession
* Spousal Abuse
* DUI / Driving Under the Influence
* Federal Offenses
* Felonies
* Misdemeanors
* Appeals - State and Federal
* Sentence Reductions
* Expungements
* Dismissals
* Acquittals
* Writs/Habeas Corpus
* Other Crimes
* All Criminal Trials
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