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Game Notes - April 4, 2009 - St. Cisco

Derrik and Sam know a guy in Chinatown. His name is Jack Mitchell. I’ll be calling him Mitch. I think I might have met him on one of Niki’s shopping trips, but I’m not sure. I’m not too thrilled with the idea walking into Chinatown dressed up to have dinner in Park. So we’ll all meet at Mitchell’s shop, Eight Winds. Had a shitty time driving home – again. After I changed, I took a cab over to Eight Winds.

Had the doorman get me a cab, nice Russian driver, I have to share the fare with Derrik. Driver is a piece of work. He’s also a vampire, and a friend of Derrik’s. Gives out little vodka bottles as business cards.

I have been to the shop before. Niki bought some stuff there to add to the feng shui of our penthouse. Well to detract from it, because if the feng shui was done properly she’d be trapped inside or outside. But then our parents couldn’t stop by either, and that would be ok with me.

Mitch welcomes us warmly to the shop. Clingy sales guy, but he is a mage so he’ll be useful. I like useful. We fill him in on the deal. The vampires know this guy better than I do, so they are sharing a lot. I’m not sure how much I am willing to share.

We have cards from places Ricky came to hang out Lucky’s, Kitty Yum Yum, Wai Ming’s and Go Gi Go. The kid is aware of the supernaturals. We go to Lucky’s first. It’s raining, of course, it always rains in Chinatown.

The club is street level. No windows, purple neon, two stories, door cuts across the corner, big Chinese bouncer, no neck kind of guy. Mitch speaks Chinese to him, while the Toreador tries to influence him to let us inside. There is a long line and velvet rope.

Club is packed and loud. Hot chick takes our coats and weapons. I don’t carry weapons. The bottom is a dance floor. Scan the crowd to look for Ricky. He’s not there of course. Hardcore erotic outfits and lots of drugs, the people are checking us out like we’re meat. I like it.

Sam and I head up top to the members only area. The others catch up to talk the guards into letting us in. It’s members and their pets only. I really like this place. The Toreador tries his Awe. It doesn’t work. Too bad he didn’t check to see if the bouncers were shapeshifters. They let us in after I offer to pay the price to meet Brandon their pride leader. I assume they are werelions.

Brandon Ford offers us drinks. Sends his pet to get them, she’s a pretty thing, and very well trained. I show him a picture of Ricky. He says he’s too young to get in, but that sometimes the bouncers would let someone that pretty inside.

Another hot chick comes up dressed in a black leather catsuit when summoned. She offered him a place to stay about a week ago. Ricky wasn’t interested in pursuing her type of business. She is a dominatrix and supplies people on either end of the game. She tells me I can call her Ma’am. She’s a cat of some sort. Ricky said he wasn’t a whore.

Depending on your origin, Brandon will take you in, but you have to be able to support yourself. Brandon doesn’t always want to know what they do for the money as long as the Pride gets it cut.

Ricky said he was looking for someone. Been on the street for awhile, told Ma’am he had money and didn’t need her work. She suggests we hit up Smuggler’s Run. Brandon suggests Roscoe’s. It’s a free safe haven for kids on the street – get a shower – hear a sermon. Building behind St. Mary’s.

Next we hit Kitty Yum Yums. Hello Kitty, harijuku girl dance club. Hello Kitty furies. Very chaotic, lots of kids outside smoking and stuff. Kids are speaking Otakucan – Ren Speak – dear god help me. I can understand them, but I’m the only one. I show one of them Ricky’s picture. Tell us to talk to Mimi inside.

Doorman is a normal looking guy. I pay for all of us. Inside it looks like Escher built the place, twisted levels, bright colors, and bubbles in the air. Mimi has blue hair, in anime buns, Sailor Moon look. Chobits’ level, she’s wearing silver. Mimi likes to color coordinate her clothes with the level. Guy shows up a map, so we can get to the level.

White haired kid talks to us. He owns the place. He has seen Ricky – calls him Richi – doesn’t remember when he saw him last. He agrees that Mimi will be our best bet. He’ll take us up there. He works there, dressed all in black. This kids not human either. He’s a were too. Kid moves a sofa and finds us a short cut to small elevator to the mecha level.

Mimi is dressed like Alice on a tuffet with Ruby Slippers on. I can’t get her to trust me. I’m obviously a little too old to interest her. She’ll do anything Derrik wants. She takes us to the crystal level that used to be a theatre. The walls are covered with living rainbow color crystals. She gives Derrik a bon-bon, and he drops like a stone. He’s getting the jigglypuff treatment – or I hope he is. Apparently Mimi is a drug dealer.

She drops the act, and tells us Ricky is looking for a sidhe. The guy worked at a bar, and he was a dancer. Probably Wah Ming’s, it’s a place where Fey hang out. Been a couple of days since she’s seen him. Ricky came here in his school uniform the first time. She thinks he’s staying in the area. He changes his clothes, but doesn’t carry all his stuff so he’s got money somewhere. She also tells us to check Roscoe’s. Ricky isn’t using, so she doesn’t pay that much attention. She works for Deshi. She thinks she should ask Deshi too.

Mayor takes us out back; it’s like the back lot at Disneyland. There is a 20’ tall red jade dragon – Ricky made it. He didn’t talk to us because I’m a lawyer. He’ll let us out through a warehouse door past the employees. Mayor’s name is John. John Ford, Brandon’s cousin/brother…

I think we should get the journal translated before we wonder into another club blind. Sam and Mitch know someone we can take it to, a professor who studies the fey who we’ll see if they’re awake. Dr. Flatly is wide awake and too fucking friendly. We’ll take the BART there. It takes us about 20 minutes.

Flatly’s place is a plantation house in Vista. Steampunk Giles – tweed, goggles and he’s feeding us pizza. He’s mostly human. Wears a telescoping fake hand – this guy is a freak. Mad scientist librarian, obviously a member of the Evil League of Evil. Seals and charms on the floors, I don’t step in any circles if I can. I don’t know enough to know what can trap me if anything can.

But he’s got good taste in pizza. Sam gives him the journal from Ricky’s safe. Ricky did write it. The doctor uses his goggles to look at the book. The doctor is a Mage. He gets a look at me through his goggles and takes a step back. Apparently fey are like angels, no matter what the other half is the fey/angel over rides the genetics. The more powerful bloodlines always overrun the lesser.

I need to find out what he saw when he looked at me, but that’ll be at another time.

He asks about the pendant Ricky is wearing in the picture. It is a fey marker – an unsidhe mark – wonder where he got that. An unsidhe may have left this people and joined the sidhe or tried to. It all comes down to free will whether you go unsidhe or sidhe – or demon or angel in my case. They are born able to speak their language. He thinks it’ll take him about a day to translate 6 pages.

Born with the language but raised by humans…. I am really starting to identify with this kid.

We’re to come back at sundown for the translation. He warns us that sometimes their carvings can come back to life. Nice. Oh and he doesn't just warn us. He goes on about it and on and on and on. I got bored, and raided his bar where he gave me some 200 year old Scotch. Sweet.
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