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Game 4 Notes

Game Notes 4/18/09

The Unsidhe Mark –
Ricky wears it around his neck.

Note from ST: Brian calls me Brianna didn’t come home last night.

A package came to the penthouse addressed to Nicole. Maid told to open it thinking it was shoes. It was a woman’s breast cut off and placed in the box. Note read – the boy is mine – back off.

I go home immediately from the office to take care of this. Delivered by a standard shipping messenger company – Fed Ex City – sent by Arts Warehouse in Chinatown. There are no strange things on the security recordings. Other things in the penthouse came from there, and the place is owned by Derrik.

The note is written long hand. I’ve never seen the handwriting before. I call in my cop, Zeke Stone. Zeke asks me the usual questions to see who I’ve made an enemy of. Is someone trying to freak out Niki?

Sam got the other breast. His note says, “The boy is mine, back off.” Same note. Different boob. They were all going to meet at Derrik’s place – which was such a perfect set up that it boggles my mind they fell for it. So I told them to meet me at Bitterblue, Michael Baird’s place in SOMA. I also told Derrik to check Arts for the rest of the body or evidence.

Bitterblue is a very nice place. Old art deco theatre done very baroque. I’m wearing Armani – of course – and should have told the others to dress nice. But I don’t even think about that anymore. We don’t wait in line. I call a couple of hot girls in with us. They’re underage, but it’s not like I care.

We’re in a sea of my people on the VIP floor. One of the servers gets us a private room where I can eat and we can talk. I give the group the big talk – don’t share everything we’ve learned with each new person we talk to. One of those guys could be the bad guy… be careful. Be smart.

Zeke calls. The body parts aren’t Brianna’s. So I have him check to see if they’re the kid’s mother. We’ll need to find out if all the parts came from the same girl.

Need to contact the mad scientist to see how he’s coming on the journal. No one looked into the unsidhe symbol.

Chen, Mitch’s employee calls. There’s been a fire at his store. It’s gone.

DNA Techs were pretty much burned up by the boob. It exploded. No one died. Lab is ruined.

Sam’s apartment and building looks like it’s been nuked.

Michael Baird recognizes the symbol from Ricky’s necklace from the Book of Kells. Third chapter the symbol is an Illumination. Royal house marking. Baird was a Celtic History major. You’d use the sign to mark a cairn or fairy ring. Use it to pass in and out of fey turf. Michael’s is tattooed. They’d paint the markings in blue to pass through the fey lands during battles…

There is a body bag in the back of my car. It was put in there while it was valet parked. The lock code has been wiped clean like it was a brand new car. The rest of the system works fine.

I have Michael’s people check the surveillance to see who came near by car. Michael will have the valet drive it back around the building. Derrik and I will have a look at it. It is a very private garden area where no one can see what we’re doing. The garden is shielded by a force field.

As soon as Derrik touches the bag, the body starts flailing. It is Brianna. She’s wearing clothes. She passes out, and we’ll carry her inside.

I’ll call Brian to let him know his sister is okay. Mrs. Watson gives me a tirade on the phone in Gaelic. I understand her of course because of my gifts, and ask Brian to show her the symbol too. She’s a bit spun up pissed, so Brian will have his brother show it to her later. Brian says he started wearing it 2 weeks before he vanished. B and B’s brother Gavin is supposed to call me about stuff.

Brianna was at school. Getting on the Metro then woke up in my car. College metro station, we’ll need to go there. Or at least look at the scans. I have Derrik and the mage look at her to make sure she’s kosher. Her being alive is weird considering. She seems perfectly normal for Brianna. Human with a bit of hedge witch skill that she doesn’t really use.

Mitch’s nastiness was the sexual organs of a banshee. It was spelled somehow to blow up big time. Apparently the bits we got were from banshees too. Someone very powerful would have to do that. No one died in the explosions – accident or not? Hmmm…

Brianna points out that only the staff at Ricky’s knew they were going to come work for me. The main butler never shows up in any of the tapes doing anything wrong. He’s not shown doing anything private. The Butler did it – I think not.

Gavin Watson calls me back. The symbol is from the House of Winter. Winter is a bastard house established by the son of the king or whatever. Check the quality of the necklace to find out if it’s legitimate. Winter sidhe work with the earth. Winter isn’t really unsidhe. Just got dragged along – guilty by association kind of thing.
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