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Game Calendar Update

Jan 24th - Rock Band
February - No Games Scheduled, but characters will be due. Reece will send out the parameters by the end of January.
March 7th - Game back on regular schedule - NOW EVERY OTHER WEEKEND

If you are not going to make game, email us or leave a notice here on the LJ.

Many people have joined the Meet Up group. I paid for a 6 month membership, so hopefully we'll be able to find some fresh blood to be cannon fodder fill the ranks.
Vegas Homicide

Vegas Game

There will be two more sessions of the Vegas game - Jan 3rd and Jan 24th. The next game date is Feb 14th, and there are too many married guys in the group for us to be able to play that night.

Mike will be missing on the 3rd, but as far as I know the rest of you will be here. If someone could please fill Arlen in on what he's missed, that would be great.


March 7th will be the next game after Feb 14th. Reece will send the details as soon as she can about what city it will be.
Las Vegas

Game Recap: 10/11

First night in Vegas. The party:
M - Paul Chevry
R - Jeffrey Hans Stiles
F - Jonas Strickland
RN - Jake McCormik
A - Agent Smith
Chad had brought his date client to the steak house at the Bellagio. They were enjoying their dinner when suddenly the windows were broken in and smoke canisters got tossed inside. Smoke covered the room quickly, but then it strangely got blown out the windows; the lights were still off so they couldn't see. Chad dove under the table as the smell of blood permeated the room. His animal side took over and he left his client behind, sprinting for the door.

At the door, Chad ran into Quinn from the firm -- somehow seeing him allowed Chad to get a hold of himself and he went back to grab his client and get her out of the place. Out of nowhere, a steak knife hits her -- the flat end, luckily. The lights come on, Chad directs the client back to Quinn.

With the lights on, Chad can see a were-dog grappling what looks like a were-cat, which is frozen in place. There are lots of people injured, when miraculously most of them instantly heal -- at the same moment Chad's blood starts boiling. He keeps cool; obviously the effect is coincident with some sort of life magic or something, and now's not the time to escalate.

The were-dog shifted back to human form, but the were-cat was paralyzed. There was some sort of altercation between the police and some other people -- somebody who looks like an agent suddenly got frozen in place. The cops and some other fellow were talking about "Miranda"; seems she'd gone missing.

The police debriefed Chad for about two and a half hours, which was trying because these two guys who were arguing with the cop start fighting with each other, very loudly -- jurisdiction or something. Chad overheard that Elliot Sanbourne (the Prince!) is dead. Chad scanned the room and noticed another vampire -- Paul -- and made sure he'd heard too. They quickly set off to the Venetian to see what was going on.
Vegas Homicide

Nov 1 - Game On!

We'll be missing Roy and possibly Mike, but game will be played.

Let's try to have our food before game too, that way we can start playing by 6:30.

I'll be writing a newspaper article later about some of what went on in the last game sometime today. I'm running a bit behind on that - sorry.
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Character Extension - Vegas

Characters were due tonight at Midnight - September 30th.

But I will give you until Midnight tomorrow - Oct 1st.

No character = no game

Character Status -
Mike - Start Over
Roy - I have your concept
Fred - I need new character sheet. Your bio is fine.
Jay - I have your concept
Arlen - you can have until end of day on the 2nd since you didn't know about the game until late.
Vegas Homicide

Las Vegas Character Update

The party so far:
Arlen - human hunter (no he doesn't hunt humans)
Fred - Jonas Strickland - Werewolf
Reece - Jake McKinnon - Mage
Roy - Demon
Jayson - Ventrue
O'Jenn - human hunter (if she can make it to game)
Mike - ????

Character Sheets and Supplements are all located in the Vegas folder on our Yahoo Group.

Characters are due on Wednesday. Email me if you have questions - jenn at gothhuntress dot com
Dirty Work

New Orleans Game - 9.20.08

We were none of us in any kind of shape after our battle with the little hentai nut muncher. Dear god what a fucked up thing that was. Hope to never see another thing like it in my lifetime or anyone else’s. Glad we found out it had turned that little girl, before we set her free too. Would have started the whole mess over again, but now she’s gone too.

Getting back to town wasn’t too hard; Sam dropped the others off before taking me back to the Club. Probably took three hours in the shower to get the stink of that thing and the bayou off of me too. I headed over to see one of my girls for a bite, and then settled down for the day.

Fake cut to my lj for the rest
Vegas Homicide

Las Vegas Game - Characters Due September 30th

All game information can be found in the Yahoo Group.

Characters are due - Sept. 30th

The party so far:
Jake - Mage - Reece
Jonas - Werewolf - Fred
Demon - Roy
Ventrue - Jay

There is room for 1 more werewolf, or up to 2 vampires. Werewolves will be using the new rules uploaded to the Yahoo Group.

FP: 75
Contact Points: 30

Complete characters:
character sheet
New Orleans

Tardy game notes from 8/9

Angel left Damen a message: Right after we talked to Joshua at the Velvet Rope, he takes a "pretty thing" home and gets staked. Damen let the rest of the crew (plus Tara, a colleague of Denver's) know this when we got to Denver's. It turns out that Joshua is OK, but Angel wanted to know who did it.

We were tracking down the lead on Emmanuel, the hunchback Nosferatu that was part of Crow 5. We knew he frequented nasty strip clubs, so we found the nastiest: Bubba's Buxom Babes, right on the bayou. The bartender tells us he's out back; Damen sneaks out to spy on him being serviced by a dancer, but there are also 7-8 civilians (it's also open to the bayou). As we suspected, the "hunch" is actually Emmanuel; the body is either a meat puppet or some sort of thrall / ghoul.

We decided to try to come back earlier tomorrow, but on the way back got run into a ditch. By blue lightning bolt from God luck, Bandit pulls us out and takes us back to his place. It turns out he and his (brother/father?) Jean Luc know exactly where Emmanuel haunts, and in fact he killed Bandit's sister. It's at an abandoned church on the bayou, reachable only by boat. He loans us a bout, and we made our way to the church.

We found (non-white) gators out front, and lights on in the church. Denver & Driver busted into the church -- Damen was outside so he just heard a pop & screams. Then Emmanuel shows up; the host goes down (Thomas shoots him) and Emmanuel detached: a disgusting blob of tentacles, man parts and goo. He launches at Thomas, Damen pulls it off and tosses it. Driver had run out and tried to stomp it, but it grabbed his foot. Thomas was able to pull off an eye. Denver clipped it with a shot, but it just looked winged.

At this point Denver changed tactics and decided to set the host on fire. It worked -- the blob went after Denver. Denver shoots it as it jumps on him; Tara was able to shoot it but couldn't avoid hitting Denver. Then it was Thomas's turn to rip it off, but as he did so, the blob spewed its intestines at us. Denver picks it up and tosses it into the fire, and we all throw alcohol onto it. We're mostly sure it's dead.

Denver told us there was a little girl locked up in the shack, but when we went to see, it turns out she'd been turned. Being an abomination, we had to destroy her .. .but ... um ... the light was really bad and the stake was slippery and she was squirming a lot. (Let's not go into who can and can't stake a prone immobilized child vampire.)

We burn the child's body and return to Jean Luc's around 2AM

Lost post

Sorry, this long lost post was suppose to be in the vitae noir group, not my own. A bit late. Maybe that is why everybody looked funny at me years ago.

Thursday, November 10th, 2005
1:33 pm W & H 11-5-05
W & H 11-5-05

We left the office for the night. Rylok got to his home to find all his remaining clothes in the pool. He gathered them up and headed back to the office for the evening.
That next day, people arrived at radically different times to the office depending on their mood, need or desires. Some people put in a full 8 hr work day before everyone gathered together. There was a lot of research done trying to find out about the religious fanatic familys.
Niko was in the hospital after an attack upon the slayer that she was with. They were out on patrol in an alley when a guy in black with a sword killed the slayer. The “bad” guy had a swirling unusual aura surrounding him indicating some big mean powerful demon-like creature. It may have been a fallen angel. The slayer did not fight and may have been under some kind of mind control. There was an image of some big dark claw in the background that the group believes is the First.
We went to the alley but didn’t find anything other than blood.
We went back to the office to do more research. The science freaks new church is on land owned by Crawford & Black for over a century. There was a LOT of bad things discovered about the land as if it were cursed and haunted. Many people have died and gone missing associated with the place. The first building was finally destroyed and a new modern 35-story building was eventually put up after many problems. There have been many financial problems along the way and some have led to suicides. The developer, Eldon Perry, jumped off the top of the building after the company folded.
Recently the wacko sci church group has been using the site for their church stuff. It seems to be the location for the upcoming revival. It would be a great location for nasty evil rituals that may be part of a big coordinated country-wide ritual possibly involving many of the slayers scattered around.
It may be a big enough ritual with enough slayer blood to bring the First across. This is unclear.
Aiden was using his computer to do further research into Kalub Black and the church land in L.A. He found out all kinds of stuff about the people back East and in the past. He seemed to have been a witness to a football player taking a girl from the prom back in their high school days. She turned up dead. The article also has Deacon Black mentioned.
The Watcher council was destroyed 3 years ago by rogue priests called, “bringers.” They are easy to identify because their eyes are sewn shut. They are believed to be working for the First. They seem to be out destroying the slayer potentials, maybe as part of this possible ritual to bring the First through to this world.
More made stuff included the torture and murder of people at a mission. It’s believed that Buffy killed the bad priest years ago.
We believe that the First is able to take the form of anybody who has died. This could be real trouble. We don’t know who has died.
The slayer, Buffy, is in Italy with the special sythe/axe/ubersword.
There might be about 5-6 slayers in LA.
We need to research the devil and how to destroy it. Or at least deal effectively with it. It seems to be a winged creature with a constantly shifting aura. This could be the “Vissage of Radiance” that is representative of an angel before it was fallen. The true name will give you power over it. Just calling out names down the limited list of fallen angels we would compile would NOT be a good idea since it would be ringing their mental doorbell and we may end up will all of them here at once. That would be VERY BAD.
We believe that devils possess bodies that are near death and some may know some of the info that the host knows. There are about 250 Arch-Angels and maybe its narrowed down to 1/3 that number to 83 possible ones most likely.
Rylok wants to try torturing (interrogating) the witch bitch some more for possible info. Maybe she would know who they were trying to help. We should go back to the old theatre looking for specific info that might give us a name of the devil.